Karen Ahuja

Karen Ahuja

Paint Artist in Fayetteville, AR

About the Artist

Karen is a visual artist working primarily in acrylics and mixed media. She started painting in 2011 and found that her passion for painting included not only the creation of her work, but the promotion of it. Karen has a BA marketing degree with a concentration in graphic design from the University of Cincinnati. She has a MBA in Marketing from Xavier University. Her experience in graphic design and marketing has allowed her to balance the need for creating and promoting her art. She is on the board of The Artists of Northwest Arkansas and holds the positions of Regional Show chair and Social Media. She has been published in the Arkansas Democratic Gazette, National Endowment for the Arts 50th Anniversary blog, Professional Artist Magazine blog, East Fayetteville Magazine and Jerry’s Artarama catalog and Dick Blick Holiday Catalog.
She has successfully sold her art in local, regional, national and international markets. Her art is displayed for sale at local businesses like Aloft, Crabby’s Restaurant, Pool and Spa store, The Art Location, Northwest Arkansas Mall, Christopher Allen Décor, Luxe Beauty, Startup Junkie and Bassett Mix Realty. Karen has sold and exhibited her art at local venues and online galleries like Light, Space and Time online gallery, Fineartamerica, Fayetteville Underground, Illinois River Salon Juried Art Show, The Artists of Northwest Arkansas Regional Show, Hot Springs Fine Art Center and Art Center of the Ozarks. With the help of the artistic innovation grant, she is excited about the opportunities to create dialogue and action for aiding women to be equally represented in galleries and museums. 


My goal as an artist is to constantly challenge myself to grow in my craft, in my visibility, in my contributions to the community and in representation in galleries and museums. I primarily work in water based mediums and mixed media. With a degree in graphic design, I find that I am constantly pushing the boundaries of color, contrast and composition. Working with a community of artists who support one another and push each other outside of their comfort zones.
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