Cory Perry

Cory Perry

Artist in Fayetteville, Arkansas

About the Work

Cory Perry shows his process of crossing the border between being a self-taught artist to receiving formal training, all while exploring the nature of  memory in this collection of paintings. “The recollection of memories is like creating a work of graffiti on the walls of the mind. Over time, thoughts/words/expressions get fuzzy, marked out, altered or deleted. In my work I take the “memory” and push it through this struggle, so by the end the piece becomes an eclectic beauty. My intention for the viewer is to experience something relative to them, as well as witness a memory being forgotten and remembered simultaneously.”

About the Artist

Cory Perry studies video, sculpture and painting at the University of Arkansas. He has been a resident of Fayetteville his entire life. His Inspiration comes from the memories of struggles we all go through individually and/or collectively.  Whether it pertains to culture, the individual, family, health, or relationships of any sort, he finds a conceptual base through them as well as the dilemma of remembering, and the chaotic event of forgetting.

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