Cheri Bohn

Cheri Bohn

Stained Glass Sculpture in Fayetteville, AR

About the Artist

I have been interested in art since the first grade when I learned about Van Gogh's ear. I grew up in Texas and graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts. My family and I moved to the Ozark Mountains in 1999. I have been working with stained glass since 1994, and combining glass with tree roots since 2001. I have displayed my work in the Art Expo's in New York and Las Vegas. A body of my mobiles is displayed annually at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. I have also displayed in Chicago, Texas and of course, Arkansas.


I give the tree respect and preserve its beauty. The hearts of the tree, the roots, are rarely seen. Like the human spirit, these masterpieces are often overlooked. After seeing Andy Goldsworthy's work in 1997 he has been a major influence in my art. My sculptures express the communion we need to have with nature, to work as one. As an artist, I surrender most of the design principles to the root. 
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