Brandon Bullette

Brandon Bullette

Art Exhibit in Fayetteville, Arkansas

About the Work

“I have been impressed by many people in my life. Often, I draw an amalgamation of the people and events that I have seen in subtle variances, dozens of times. They are characterized in a manner that summarizes a series of similar scenes. I make images that illustrate anecdotal instances. I express feelings through visually observable texture. Each new work adds to the narrative of my life’s story.”  - Brandon Bullette

All of the work in this series, Burnt, was completed on wood salvaged from the interior studs of a restaurant remodel.

About the Artist

Brandon Bullette was born in 1985 to Jeff and Melanie Bullette in Oceanside, California. He was raised in Joplin, Missouri and attended MSU in Springfield, Missouri. He graduated in 2005 with his BFA in Studio Drawing. He has displayed his own work in local venues and earns a living from commissions. He and his wife Candy Lee live and work in Fayetteville, AR.

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