Art Ventures & UA Libraries Collaborate January 21st 1:00-3:00

Original Art in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Sunday Salon Artist Talk

Sunday Salon Artist Talk on January 21st is about three featured artists on exhibit this month. Architectural Archivist Catherine Wallack talks about John Womack, Heather Chilson talks about her time-descriptive images and Andy Baugus talks about nature’s design in indigenous trees as part of his creative process.
John C. Womack
Heather Eman Chilson
Andy C. Baugus
“The legacy of Fay Jones reveals itself not only in the architectural work of John Womack, but also in these paintings. The same specific elements show up in both types of work: an adept hand, careful crafting, attention to detailing, materiality, and most significantly the idea of a sense of place,” says Catherine Wallack, Architectural Archivist for University of Arkansas Libraries.
Artists John Womack, Heather Chilson and Andy Baugus all express in their work a sense of place related to the passage of time in Back to Roots: Painting, photography & Nature’s Design,” says Sharon Killian, President of Art Ventures NWA
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Catherine Wallack talks about John Womack paintings
Heather Chilson talks about her photography
Andy Baugus talks about transforming indigenous trees

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